UNIT X – Co-OP (Third Year Project)


The Co-Op
Your brief is to deliver a defined service area (zone) for three different sizes of store with different types of customer missions and demographics.

Response to Brief

Cook with Co-Op. Offering a fast track service of fresh ingredients, with different daily recipes to create healthy meals.
The idea of having all the food you need to make a certain meal all in one place so that it is more ‘convenient’ for the customers whilst at the sometime encouraging people to eat healthy fresh meals.
Using the Subway type model of going down a line with all the different ingredients that you would need to make a meal. Making the shopping experience quick and efficient for those customers that are always on the go. It also encourages those that think cooking if difficult an option to easily buy all the ingredients to make one meal and a recipe
For the bigger stores or stores with outdoor space there can also be the opportunity to have live cooking demonstrations and a interactive way of getting the community together to learn how to cook. This is a way of being able to educate people of the ease of being able to cook healthy food.

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