ID3 Specifics – Entomo (Second Year Project)


Inspired by the collections at the Entomology Department and considering it’s function and those who occupy it, you are asked to create a stand alone environment to educate and promote all things entomo….

Response to Brief

Eu-social insects are those insects that live in a colony with only some individuals capable of reproducing. Usually there is a division of labour with different individuals undertaking different roles, such as defence or foraging.
The theory behind Eu-social insects can be used with humans and how they work together. Good Eu-social colonies ‘can divide chores in a manner that ensures everything gets done expeditiously.’ When looking into how Entomologists can work together more this theory of ‘dividing chores’ could mean that more research can be done in less time giving them more time to look into other specimens whilst they are using the space.
From research I have discovered that there isn’t a space dedicated to entomologists. All there conferences and research is done in universities that have an entomology department. What this design proposes is a central space for them to come together and share their findings. Creating a central location for researchers to together and share their research and findings. This can be a place where conferences can be held, as well as a valuable research space with all the correct equipment.

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