Burberry: Bring the Digital Experience into a Physical Space

The way in which people shop is constantly changing and becoming more of a digital process. The ease of being able to order online is causing physical stores to constantly have to improve the customer experience. People are no longer wanting to just go into a store, there is no appeal anymore when ordering online has become so easily accessible.

Burberry are now leading the way in bringing the digital into the physical. The aims of their new London Regent Street Flagship store, under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisco and designed by chief creative officer Christopher Bailey were clear. “To bring the burberry. com digital experience into a physical space, future-proof, to stay ahead of, and allow for, the continuous evolution of the brand.” This highlights how they have understood the change in then environment of the modern shopping experience. The former cinema has been restored taking some visual cues from its former heritage. Burberry is one of the first brands to embrace the digital aspect of retail in this way, from digital rain showers within the store to a 38-square-metre video display unit, to having magic mirrors within the changing rooms allowing you to see the clothing item you are trying on, on the catwalk runway.

This demonstrates how Burberry have understood that to keep retention within it’s stores then it must be more that a store, it must almost be a showcase of the brand rather that merely just a store. It is more than a shopping experience, it has been designed to not only be a place to shop but be a place to understand the values and vision Burberry have. It’s the modern day equivalent to a museum exhibition of the brand. It is not only a space to shop but a place to hold events and exhibitions that represent Burberry in the modern day, such as the Graham Hudson installation in which a robot produces a polystyrene sculptures in the centre of the store, making the brand a destination point for intrigued potential customer’s. Once again focusing on the idea that it is more than just a store, its a experience for all, making the store a destination point within the city.

Bailey has thought about every aspect of the store when designing the final details, from the way you sink into the carpet making you feel comfortable, to the accessibility of all the items being able to be picked up. Allowing the shopper to have a tactile experience with the produce, and not making them feel as though it is a product that is off limits. Everything within the store has been make by British craftsman, once again paying homage to their own heritage of being a British brand. Highlighting how “At Burberry, Great British manufacturing is the foundation, the passion and the essence of everything we are today.” Whist they still bring their heritage and past into everything the do, they are making new designs that will be part of the heritage going forward.

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